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By kayak and rowing boat

The Vega Archipelago is a fantastic area to explore by kayak, canoe, rowing boat or yacht. The sea is calm among the islets and skerries. With 6500 islands, islets and skerries to choose from you can always find undisturbed spots to go ashore. You can hire å rowing boat from Vega Kystlag (Vega Coastal Association), and several guesthouses have rowing boats.

Vega Coastal Trail – World Heritage Trail
Enjoy the area by taking the Vega Coastal Trail – the World Heritage Trail. Similar coastal trails have been organised by local societies elsewhere in the country. Environmentally friendly trips are the aim. The Vega Coastal Trail – the World Heritage Trail has both an outer and an inner route. The outer one goes to some of the old fishing and down-collecting settlements in the World Heritage Area. It is intended to give you an insight into everyday life and history, but the weather may pose difficulties. A diversion to the island of Ylvingen (see the photograph) is recommended for the sake of the natural history, scenery and relics from the Second World War.– or a recent Norwegian TV series, Himmelblå.

Those who prefer to kayak, canoe or row closer to land can take the inner trail that circumnavigates Vega. It takes about 10 hours to kayak or canoe around Vega. You can spend a night in a simple lean-to hut beside the lake at Kolstadsjøen, at Kjul or at Eidem.
You can rent one of the simple huts on the Coastal Association quay at Vegstein. Accommodation is also available in several modernised fishermen’s shacks and former boarding schools on Vega, Ylvingen and in the Vega Archipelago. Book early because these are very popular.

Travel with care
Remember to take great care when you travel in the area. Show respect for the breeding season of the birds and obey the protection regulations by safeguarding the vulnerable natural history, as well as the cultural heritage and cultural landscape of the Vega district. More information can be found on the Vega Coastal Association web site: Contact the Vega Tourist Information Office at Gladstad for more information.

Photo: Rita Johansen

Ferdsel på naturens premisser

Vis miljøhensyn og vær forsiktig ved bruk av åpen ild.