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Courses and voluntary work

Courses and voluntary work in the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Area generally take place in spring and summer.

The Nordland Eider Duck Association holds courses for new bird tenders and others who are interested in learning more about this unique custom (see the photograph). The courses take place at the end of April and the beginning of May. They provide a theoretical introduction into the eider tradition and practical experience in making houses and nests for the eiders before the breeding season. Please contact the Association (Nordland Ærfugllag) for more information.

Voluntary work
Each year, the Friends of the Vega Archipelago arrange the ‘eider duck patrol’ to help bird tenders who want assistance in making nests and building or repairing eider houses. Please visit the organisation’s web site (Vegaøyans Venner) for more information.
Volunteers are helping the Andelslaget Øverstua, Tåvær society to restore Øverstua on Tåvær. Please visit the web site of the Friends of the Vega Archipelago (Vegaøyans Venner) for more information.
The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation organises voluntary work for young people to help make hay on former hayfields. Please visit its web site or the web site of Verdensarv i unge hender for more information.

Photo: Inga E. Næss

Ferdsel på naturens premisser

Vis miljøhensyn og vær forsiktig ved bruk av åpen ild.