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Summer activities for children and young people

In recent years, the Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation, Brønnøy Cultural School and Vega Church Council have arranged summer activities for children and young people.

The Vega Archipelago World Heritage Foundation has arranged haymaking trips to Skjærvær for local young people. They have scythed overgrown hayfields and spent the night in two of the old shacks in the listed fishing settlement. In 2011, pupils from the 10th year classes at Vega and Brønnøysund upper secondary schools will be making hay in the World Heritage Area.

Outdoor recreation
The Church Council has arranged trips in the World Heritage Area. It also started scouting activities in Vega in 2010. Please visit the Vega Borough Council web site (Vega kommune) in late spring for information about activities in the summer of 2011.

Summer art
Many children and young people have taken part in the summer art school on Vega down the years. Recently, the course has taken place at Bremstein (see the photograph), but from 2010 it is being held at Sundsvold. The children and youngsters are involved with art, acting, texts and movement. As the project will run for three years, it will be possible to take part in 2011. The course takes place in the first two weeks of July; the first week is for children aged 8 - 12 years and the second for young people from 13 years and upwards. Please visit the Brønnøy Cultural School web site (Brønnøy kulturskole) for more information.

Photo: Rita Johansen

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